BounceBark Repair and Maintenance

Maintained and clean rubberised surface surfacing is a safe surface.

What BounceBark maintenance should I do?

Sweep and remove surface debris and occasionally hose down.

Salt and/or grit should NEVER be used on a BounceBark surface.

What if the safety surfacing is damaged?

A damaged rubberised safety surface is potentially dangerous and may lead to trips and falls. Holes in the surface, due to wear or vandalism should be repaired as soon as possible with our BounceBark safety surfacing repair kit.

If the rubber mulch surface thickness is eroded, then the surface will no longer provide the required critical fall height and should be repaired.

How do I repair the surface?

Purchase a BounceBark repair kit from BounceBack. It contains all the materials you will need to repair your surface. The repair process is easy, following the instructions in the repair kit and we’re always available on the phone to offer help and assistance should you need a hand.

We are happy to offer BounceBark Repair Kits at only £45.00 + delivery.


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