Rubberised Wetpour Safety Surfacing Layers

EPDM Rubber Composite preparation, base and wearing course

BounceBack Rubberised Wetpour Safety Surfacing has been specifically developed by BounceBack Safety Surfaces Ltd as an impact absorbing system of surfacing primarily for children’s playgrounds. EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber)

BounceBack wetpour safety surfaces are created with a two layer multi-component polyurethane / rubber composite. It is formed in situ by a chemical mixing, wet pouring, levelling, screeding and rolling process to provide a durable safe play surface.

The two layers are:

  • the wetpour base course, which provides impact absorbency
  • the wetpour wearing course which gives the surface it’s strength and durability.

Porous Wearing Course

BounceBack wearing course consists of two alternatives:

  1. For coloured surfaces the wearing course consists of a 17-20mm thick resin bound formulated EPDM. (Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified) 1-4mm granule. EPDM synthetic rubber granules are through coloured and are therefore very resistant to wear, weathering and flammability.
  2. For black surfaces the wearing course consists of a nominal 20mm thick resin bound recycled EPDM.

Surfaces of 20mm depth are comprised of only a 20mm wearing course.

BounceBack Rubberised Wetpour Surface structure 20mm

Base Course

Rubberised safety surfaces greater in depth than 20mm have a base course of rubber composite which varies in thickness according to the required critical fall height. It is comprised of resin bound recycled black tyre rubber granules (2mm to 8mm in size). No fillers or bulking out materials are used.

BounceBack EPDM Rubberised Wetpour Surface structure over 20mm

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