Safety and Quality Assurance

How is the product quality assured?

Quality assurance at BounceBack Safety Surfaces Ltd guarantees the functional strength of all BounceBack manufactured surfaces for a period of 5 years, against any defects resulting from faulty materials or workmanship.

What standards do we have to comply with?

We are constantly investing in research and development programmes and all new systems are independently tested by the Centre for Sports Technology (C.S.T.) for conformance to British and European Standards before being implemented. A copy of our test report or CFH certificate is available by request. The standards are:

BS EN 7188:1998. Tests safety surfacing to determine critical fall height, slip resistance, durability, ease of ignition, elongation at break and indentation of our wetpour safety surfacing.

BS EN 1177:1998. Recommends that safety surfacing is used underneath play equipment and gives guidelines for area usage.

All BounceBack wetpour safety surfacing has been independently tested to current British and European standards by the Centre for Sports Technology.

How do we assure quality installations?

Only our own trained technicians are used during safety surfacing installations, we do not subcontract. We deliver a high standard of work, quality assured.

On-site testing is carried out on certain installations to ensure that the depth of our installed products meet critical fall height requirements.

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