Bound Rubber Mulch Installation and Standards


We are pleased to confirm safety and performance testing of our BounceBark bound rubber mulch safety surface in accordance with all relevant British and European standards; including EN1177 & EN7188.

It is therefore acceptable for use in all types of playgrounds, as well as sensitive ground and environmental settings.


As BounceBark  bound rubber mulch is self-supporting it requires no digging of foundations and the lack of large or heavy equipment makes it cost effective for even small or difficult access areas, see the diagram below.

Moreover it will easily work directly onto almost any existing ground conditions including grass or soil, old tiles or wet pour, crushed aggregate or concrete; it will follow the natural sloping contours of the ground and can even be spread directly over tree roots and around plants.

In fact, we’re so confident in our quality and installation process, we are happy to offer our 12 months “no quibble” guarantee on all our surfaces.

BounceBark bound rubber mulch
BounceBark bound rubber mulch

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