BounceBark bound rubber mulch

What is BouceBark?

BounceBark is a safe, continuous, seamless recycled rubber mulch surface which is hard wearing and can be laid over almost any type of existing ground without the need for foundations. It is the ideal playground mulch safety surface.

Coupled with its natural looking aesthetics and various colour options, BounceBark rubber surface is uniquely positioned to work all year round in a huge variety of applications.

BounceBark is a far superior product to other cheaper versions available.

Development of BounceBark

Years of industry expertise have gone into developing the unique colouring system used to process our recycled rubber surface – which otherwise would go to landfill. Consistent control of this process provides us with a carefully blended flat shred, which is then coloured with an exclusive encapsulation process that not only gives a natural looking surface, but one that is soft, flexible, long lasting and bonds perfectly. Please note that other suppliers may refer to such technology as rubber chippings.

Combined with our specially developed polyurethane binder, which is designed to work in cooperation with the shred size, the colouring process, and the requirements of a strong, yet flexible bond we are confident that we are able to offer the most advanced recycled rubber surface system on the current market.

BounceBark rubber surface recycled Rubber Mulch

Garden mulch

Playground mulch

Mulch for paths

Tree protection mulch


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