Rubberised Wetpour Safety Surfacing Uses and Benefits

For the school playground, golf courses, paths and more

What is Wet Pour?

Ground up rubber, in the form of small granules mixed with a soft resin EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified) compound, the resulting mixture is then “poured”.

One or more layers are laid on a prepared base of solid ground such as tarmac, stone or concrete, to get the required thickness. The top layer can include colours in complex designs.

What are the benefits of a wetpour safety surface?

Rubberised safety surfacing reduces the likelihood of injury due to its cushioning and impact absorbing abilities. Increasingly local and regional authorities are becoming insistent on safety surfacing being installed in school playgrounds and community areas to minimise injury and maximise play and development potential of children. Hospitals, nurseries and schools have all identified this need.

The private leisure market has now also become aware of its benefits, such as in:

  • private hospitals and health facilities
  • public houses, hotels, holiday parks, theme parks
  • community leisure developments.

The impact absorbing rubberised safety surface is also ideal for sports of all types. The rubberised surface is kind to the human body, it’s a soft landing, less impact on legs and knees when running and jumping. Court markings can be included to provide games areas for example.

Where can a BounceBack safety surface be used?

Just about anywhere!

This is a list of potential uses, from small to large installations:

  • School playground safety surfaces
  • Children’s play areas outside and indoors
  • Gymnasium floors to absorb equipment drops or to provide a cushion exercise floor
  • On golf course paths, or for tee areas
  • Water Parks
  • Games pitches, multiuse games areas (MUGA)
  • Around cycle tracks where non-slip surfaces are required
  • Equestrian facilities
  • Around swimming pools and in changing rooms
  • Crazy golf courses
  • Adventure parks
  • Theme parks
  • … The list is endless for a soft landing!!
Wetpour sports court
Rubberised Wetpour playground
Bounceback Wetpour road markings

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