Safety Surface Designs and Artwork

Educationally stimulating environments drive our artwork and design process

What wetpour designs and artwork can we do?

Just about anything you can think of! It’s up to you and your imagination. Or with your guidance we can design something for you – from the very formal to the very playful. With some projects we work with main contractors who will help you design your rubberised safety surface to fit with the overall playground design.

Visual design of our wetpour surfaces will provide added stimulation for children’s play areas. With careful design and artwork, play features can be incorporated such as games, abstract shapes and even scenes based on specific themes. Hop-scotch, snakes and ladders – its limited only by your imagination!

The example here involves an intricate design, with small stars to create a stunning effect. The rubberised wetpour surface can be used to deliver very detailed designs.

For business

How about incorporating your logo, branding or trademark into a safety surface? Or some other image that reflects your business or service. It might be in your entrance area, or outside on a walkway or playing area.

Our experience will help you select a design that will fit your budget and provide visual impact. Come to us with a theme or idea, and we will create an appropriate and exciting design, or just bring a design you already have and we will make sure it can be achieved. A more complex design where there are more colours against one another takes longer to create. One colour must cure before the next colour can be cut and laid.

Many colours are available to base your design on, see our colour gallery for some examples.

Please take a look at some of the projects we have been involved with.

Road design on rubberised wetpour play area
Intricate design into wetpour playground
Snakes and ladders, target with rubberised wetpour

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