Wet Pour Safety Surface Installation

How long will wetpour installation take ?

This will depend on the floor area size, depth of the surface to be installed and complexity of the artwork but usually between 1 day and 1 week.

What areas of the UK do we cover ?

Our rubberised wetpour products and services are available UK wide, England, Scotland and Wales. We will travel to install a BounceBack safety surface.

How is the ground prepared? 

The ground must be prepared to give a base of an accurate size with a suitable curb edging which the surfacing will adhere to.  The sub-base must finish the correct depth below the top of the curb edging to accommodate the required thickness of the BounceBack surface.

Good drainage is vital. The longevity of the surface will be affected if water cannot escape from the base. We are happy to advise on any sub-base preparation, which should take into account local site conditions. A solid sub-base, either MOT Stone, Base-Course Tarmac or Non-fines Concrete should be installed as this will ensure good drainage. We are also able to install BounceBack onto existing tarmac and flagged surfaces.

The BounceBack surface is then installed directly onto this base, finishing flush with the top of the curb edges, thus eliminating any trip hazards.


How do we install the rubberised safety surface ?

Our wet pour installation process depends on preparation of the ground and installation of any fitments for play equipment.

When the ground is prepared to the agreed specification with a free draining sub-base we:

  1. Wet pour the base course of the required thickness, the thickness may vary across the area
  2. Allow the base course to cure
  3. Wet pour the 20mm wearing course across the area. This may be a different colour for different areas
  4. Allow the wearing course to cure
  5. Cut out shapes in the wearing course to the artwork design
  6. Wet pour the appropriate colours into the cut outs in the wearing course
  7. Allow the colour filled cut outs to cure
  8. Repeat cut outs and wet pour for other coloured areas

Your wet pour safety surfacing is now complete.

How soon can I use the wet pour safety surface ?

The following day. Our installation team will remain with the surface until it has cured and is safe to leave.


Very simply – the WetPour installation stages

Wetpour Ground prepared ready for installation

Ground prepared ready for Wetpour installation

Wetpour Variable thickness base course done

Variable thickness Wetpour base course laid

Wetpour Green wearing course complete under the swing

Green wetpour wearing course complete under the swing.

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